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Discussion in 'IMDb+' started by Big_Chubbz, February 15, 2016.

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    Hey, @RoChess , you're probably about sick of dealing with me, but I had an idea that I thought would be cool, and I thought I'd pass it on to you.

    Because the Rotten Tomatoes database does not always properly link to IMDB, sometimes IMDB+ reports a score of zero for some of my movies. When this happens, I have Moving Pictures set up to use and as alternate data sources to fill in the gaps. My suggestion is this:

    Could IMDB+ throw up an icon with the rating to indicate where the data is coming from?

    e.g. [​IMG] 8.6 or [​IMG] 4.2

    Those images are WAAAAY bigger than I had in mind. LOL!! But you get the idea. This way if the rating is coming in from a different source, users would know.

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    Nope sorry, Moving-Pictures fires up the IMDb+ scraper-script, and I tell it movie.score = x.xx value. Then Moving-Pictures decides how that is stored, and the skin for the Moving-Pictures plugin decides how that is displayed.

    I am unable to tell MovPic that I used A for movie.score or B for movie.score, which would then indeed allow a MovPic skin to do what you want.

    Perhaps @ltfearme will be willing to entertain that idea though. It would simply be one extra field such as "movie.score_source" that scraper-scripts could then store a string in.

    In that case I could store stuff such as IMDb+ (for combined average), IMDb-single, IMDb-metacritics, RT-critics-fresh, RT-critics-rotten, RT-audience-fresh, RT-audience-rotten and it would be easy for a skin developer to then simply display <image>${movie.score_source}.png</image> to get the result you are after.

    I can then also take it one step further and store 0.00 with IMDb-Failure, RT-Failure or RT-Missing when a score is actually missing, versus the current situation where you have no idea what went wrong (without looking at movingpictures.log file).

    PS: You can somewhat do what you want already if you rely fully on just RT ratings, because a skin can do math, so it can do stuff like "if (movie.score > 5.0) { show fresh image} else { show rotten image }". You would need to talk with a Moving-Pictures skin developer then for the skin you use.
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