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I was drifting off to bed last night after regaling myself with a couple episodes of some series I have in MyVideos when a great idea hit me - directory-level resume. You navigate to your directories containing sequential episodes, and by some mechanism MP tracks where you are in the series and offers to resume.

This could be done in a couple of different methods:

1. Brute-force Guesswork by Directory Contents - MP could index the directory and if the file names in it are all uniform except for an increasing number, or if all the files are in sequential order starting with "01, 02, etc", it could automatically offer to resume where you last left off ("You were last watching 03 - Bus of the Undead at time position 5:43, would you like to resume?" just like if you stop in the middle of a movie) .

2. Distinct User Action at Directory Level - In this case you'd navigate to the folder containing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force directory, and while the directory itself is highlighted I type "D" on the keyboard, or click the icon for Directory Resume, or some such, and it automatically takes me to the position I was last watching at, no questions asked.

Any thoughts? :)


I would be happy if there is a option to remember the last played file for each directory.

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