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April 23, 2004
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This is a kind of poll to ask if any dev is interested to develop a plugin that interfaces surveillance cameras.

This started from a friend of mine having as Christmas present a lot of graffitis on his house walls. So being ip camera (even wireless) becoming cheaper (the Dlink 2100+ is less then 270 euros), why don't integrate some features in MP.

Some features could be :
-multiple camera displays on a single screen
-timed recording (how this interferes with timeshifting?)
-timed pc wakeup an stop (problems with tv recording wakeup?)
-recording after motion detection.
Latest is already provided by surveillance software, so can a Myprograms configuration be enough?

This obviously could be extended to surveillance cameras for child sleeping in their rooms while we watch movies. You can't hear them crying while you shake your house with your HT system :)

I'm not a programmer so what you think?


Suggested layout

Assuming the cameras actually throw up a trigger on it's own motion detect (detecting motion on the video stream itself is 'nontrivial' in software), I'd say that is feasible. Esp multiple OSDs.

For recording: I might suggest this be implemented with a 'tour' of the inputs -- saving a few frames from each camera one after the other, -- you really don't need 30 FPS or 25 FPS for security cameras, just 3 or 4 FPS per camera -- and that'd be easily 'muxed' into a single file which in turn could be compressed.

Myself, I plan to hook up a 'child cam' in my kid's room when he/she/it is born (password protected of course) to allow the remote grandparent/aunts/uncles a chance to see him/her. This would need to be decently compressed -- I don't have the bandwidth at home to actually stream a lot of data out.


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  • April 7, 2005
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    I formerly tested MP with this. I had a cam which integrated itself similar to webcams in windows.

    After I could see it e.g. in Windows Movie Maker I could also use it as "software encoding card" with MP 0.1.3 including records, etc..

    If dlink's drivers behave similar give it a shot with any MP release before software cards where removed - if THIS works it will be possible to add in support for cameras for Release 0.2, too..


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    January 23, 2006
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    you could use a couple of webcams connected to another machine with a webserver feeding images to a webpage, use the webbrowser plugin to access the webpage. Sorted.


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  • February 23, 2005
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    It is being worked on! I guess I should talk with the developers and ask them about the status.


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    December 9, 2005
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    any updates on this ? i am interested in running a couple of web cams on a hub and connecting them to MP


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    October 2, 2004
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    This is also very interesting for me...

    I am planning to buy a (wireless) camera and attach this on the bed of my little babygirl, so I can watch her on the fly during a movie or so. It would be so cool to see this through MP.

    Unfortunately I am not a programmer, but if I can be of any other assistance please let me know.

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