Targa MCE remote isn't fully working. How to find the correct keycodes?

Discussion in 'Input/Output Interfaces' started by marint, February 8, 2012.

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    I have here a remote control that was included with my girlfriends old laptop (a Targa something, which is a rebrand brand of the local german supermarket Lidl). It seems to be a Windows MCE remote (it has the MCE specific layout and looks very similar to other ones) and has a dedicated IR-Usb receiver.

    Windows recognized it as a HID device and MediaPortal (kind of) supports it if I enable the MCE remote support. Here is the part of the MediaPortal logfile where it loads the mapping: https://gist.github.com/1770627

    However, some of the keys are not working. Most importantly, the info Key doesn't work, which is really a pain. To my understanding, MediaPortal loads the file defaults/InputDeviceMappings/Microsoft MCE.xml which is used to map keycodes to specifiy actions.

    I'm mostly a Linux user, so I hooked up the IR receiver to my Linux machine and used xev to confirm that the receiver indeed sends keycodes on each of the buttons. However, the Linux keycodes seem not to correlate with the values in the XML file, so I suspect windows and linux use different codes.
    To my understandin I simply need to find out the correct keycodes and entered them in the XML file. Am I correct or this this more complicated? If not, how do I find these keycodes?
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    February 1, 2007
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    The black Targa MCE Remote is a special one - not a "real" MCE remote.
    As you described, the remote is recognized as a HID device (instead of eHome-device, if you use a "real" MCE remote). That's why I would suggest: Try in the MP configurations the settings "use a HID remote". Perhaps that will work better.

    Kind regards, AEOne

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