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December 6, 2004
The Netherlands
hi everybody..I pointed this out before in other topic (the SS2 one with over 200 posts :) ) but decided to post it seperately since it probly got snowed under in the big topic..

Personally I already have DVB-S since I have a SS2 but I also own a Nova-S and know a lot of other people that have SAA7146A chip based DVB cards (the cinergy cards are also saa7146). I don't know how it is in other countries but here in Holland it's easier to get a hold on a Nova or a Cynergy card then on to an SS2...

I know that there are some bda drivers out there for Nova-s... But this is not the preferred route to go, i think.. This because I wanna use softcsa.dll for mdplugins :) ....
I found this site about some dutch guy who made dll's for accessing the saa7146 chip and made these available for us to use :)

check his site here:

This is the driver plus source code (C++) for dll and pascal files for accessing them:
I think this is all we need to implement native support for SAA7146 chips.
If we have the FLEXCOP chip and SAA7416 chips supported natively, I think we have about 80% of the people out there with DVB-S cards.

One problem, i'm SO not aqainted with C++, so who's willing to do this?


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January 25, 2005
hmm yes, not sure how to incorperate the source files, but I have tried to use the driver and allthough it doesn't complain it also doesn't work with my card, I have a technotrend ss1 dvb-s. when I say it doesn't work with my card Imean even using this driver with prog or default tv software. I prolly am missing something?


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