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I've added a serial support for serial universal remote (UIR), it's usable for me

The code is small and using win32 api only, no girder or specific dll apart win32 commbase found everywhere on the web.

Here you can find my patched Media Portal :


Do a backup of you program files/team media/mediaportal directory, then extract zip file and overwrite existing files with my patched version.

Run the configuration, there is a new entry "SerialUIR", select you COM port, activate check box, and click learn, press buttons on your remote until learn complete.

now you can use your serial remote with mediaportal.

working fine for me with my UIR device.

** important ** shutdown Girder or any external program using the serial port or my plugin won't learn anything from remote...

Let me know if it works / buggy i'll try to fix it at my best.


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