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What is the best?

  • Ivy Bridge

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  • Llano (Trinity)

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  • February 9, 2011
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    I look for a completley new HTPC. The price does not matter.​
    Want to Use the OrigenAE S14V.​
    First I want to get a Intel Ivy Bridge with 35W TDP. But then I read that Intel still have some problems with perfect 23.976 playback.​
    Intel says that they will handle it with an BIOS-Update, but I didn't find informations about such an update. After all, I've read that they have problems with 1080i50, too.​
    So, whats the best?​
    Ivy Bridge, AMD Llano (or better Trinity), or a small Ivy with an AMD or nVIDIA Card?​
    Want to handle perfect 1080p/i and BluRay (incl. 3D) and DTS-HD MA. TV is a Samsung UE42ES7090.​
    Thanks for the answers.​


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  • September 3, 2010
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    for 23.976 perfect playback, in my case, nvidia with custom resolution/hertz is the way to go.

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