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    Started on: 2011-04-15
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    Auto Created thumbs stored in subfolders of %Program Data%\Thumbs\Pictures\

    Pictures, general improvement

    If you have lots of pictures like myself, the "pictures" folder inside the thumbs directory becomes really huge. Reading the folder content lasts "until eternity"if there are 100.000++ Thumbs laying around there. I think it will speed up things a lot if those small .jpg files are stored in a subfolder structure similar to the original picture folder structure. Something like:

    %Program Data%\Thumbs\Pictures\DriveD\Holidays\2009\ and
    %Program Data%\Thumbs\Pictures\DriveZ\Forums\MediaPortal\

    where D:\Holidays\2009 or Z:\Forums\MediaPortal\ are the path to the original pictures.

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