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March 17, 2013
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Hello everyone,

Here is my modifcation of the standard mvCentral Skinfiles for the Titan-Skin. I only modified the list- and thumb-Views, Cover- and Coverflow-View are untouched.

Key Features
  • generally rearranged some things
  • Made for list-View. Thumb-View works just as good, Cover- And Coverflow are same as before.
  • Artist Thumbs are designed to be square (1:1), Track thumbs widescreen (16:9)
  • I centralised ClearArt Skin-Properties into a new .xml-File. Now you can specify the file structure in one place and use it in several xml-files.
  • Using ClearLogo in List- and Thumb-View, when available. If not, a label displays the Artist Name in standard Titan-Font
  • AC/DC-ClearLogo added by hand, since "AC/DC.png" is not a valid filename. Use "AC_DC.png" and it will be used.

Known Issues
  • None, so far :). (If you find any, let me know)
  • Download the attached .zip and extract the files into your Titan-Skin- or a Titan-Skin-Theme Folder. Make sure to backup files, before you overwrite any.
  • You may need to adjust the paths in the include.ClearArt.xml, if you use a different file structure.
  • Open mvCentral and enjoy
  • If you like this skin-mod you might want to check out my Mod of the video OSD for ClearLogo-Support during Playback.
Further Information about the Centralised ClearArt-File
  • To centralise the use of ClearArt I created a new xml-File called include.ClearArt.xml. Inside of it I specified a bunch of properties pointing to the ClearArt-File. It quickly became a central xml in my setup and contains all ClearArt I use for Music, TV-Shows and Movies. This way I can use ClearArt wherever I want and still can easily adjust paths at one convenient location.


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