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    belief it or not, i do have time for other hobbies besides MediaPortal. :D

    i am a big fan of the battlefield games, and at some point playing them was not enought, and i started to created videos/movies (thats called Machinima) based on them. :)

    those of you who play BF will surely know videos like Mine, Frost and maybe even one of mine. ;)

    to get to the point.
    since about one year, we have been working on a new, 41 minutes long, HD, action movie.
    Called Merchant of Death.

    and it is literally finished. :)

    the only thing missing are a few more voice recordings (the whole movie has more than 250 lines of text, spoken for 22 individual characters).

    Inside the rar file there are 3 different "types" of texts.

    • [UNO] - these should be spoken by someone from europe, where you might hear some accent
    • [RUS] - spoken in english with some russian accent on these would be great!
    • [US] - anyone from the US here willing to speak those lines?

    If you are interested to help us with these final voice recordings, then please send the audio files to: infinityloop[At]fear-productions[DoT]com

    Please also include in your mail how you want to appear in the credits. :)

    :D :D :D

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