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January 12, 2005
I was wondering if anyone has considered creating a plugin similar to the weather plugin but to show traffic info.
I imagine it would be similar layout to the weather plugin, having a single image on the front page for a traffic condition map, or road condition map. Also built in would be the ability to have webcam snapshots or live feeds in the toolbar. You would configure it similar to the weather page, in that you could specify a URL to a traffic map and then add URL/feeds to traffic cams. Living in a city with an extensive traffic cam system and traffic/ road condition maps, it would be nice to see at a glance the roads before heading out.


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August 24, 2004
There is a lesser (i.e. non interatcive) alternative that you can do right now. Many sites issue rss feeds of traffic conditions. Of course, this is limited, as the process of choosing an area to monitor has to be preconfigured in the media portal news feed plugin, but it's there to use now.
Try googling for traffic conditions rss feeds for your country or location. I know yahoo maps now provides traffic rss feeds for the USA and the BBC does for the UK.

Yahoo maps info:

BBC Traffic info:[/url]


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June 13, 2005
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I still think a separate traffic-info plugin would be nice.
Fitst, becaus it is quite strange to look for traffic info in the news section (although a splitup of the news plugin would be nice, to separate news, sports, entertainment etc.)

A real traffiv info plugin could manage:
-choose region
-RSS info
-text info from website
-info from teletext?
-pictures/maps from websites

More or less like the weather plugin....


BTW: This is a Dutch RSS-feed with traffic info:


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May 13, 2005
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We could use the clouds/rainfall parts from the weather plugin for this.
When I think about it you can misuse it for that right now.
Just change one of the pictures by a picture of the traffic situation in your region.
So the weather plugin would be a good start of point.

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