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I travel more than I am at home. I use MP to record what I miss while on the road. Someone introduced me to Snapstream that is able to stream in a WMV format over the net so I can watch the local news live. Does anyone know of a plugin for MP that will do this.


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April 28, 2005
I too use Snaptream... but am currently looking at other available solutions. The ability to stream recorded shows is something that would allow me to put a "cube" in each room of my house. It would be ideal to see MP able to stream live video.
What I'm trying to accomplish is I would like to stream life TV feeds over the net to a select group of users. I'm a huge NFL fan and moderate several fantasy football pools. I would like to be able to stream live games of my choosing) to the group.

All this being said I know that streaming live video is far different that streaming recorded footage. What would be involved in attemting to implement this?

I have read through the forum.. and have found the following...

As I understand it.. this will allow for streaming of video within the confines of my network.. Correct? Will this also allow for streaming of live video? If yes... then how much farther must MP come to stream live video over the internet?

BTW.... I must say that I am very pleased to see an open source project like this. It's rare to find people out there who do this for the love of it all. Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to upgrading to MediaPortal when it's released.

- :D


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June 23, 2005
Sunnyvale, CA
Try this out

Check out I haven't installed it on my media portal box yet as I'm still testing out Media Portal features. This free service should do what you are asking. Play recorded video over the net even watch TV and such.

Basically you setup your account. Install the software on your media portal box. The from your remote laptop, you connect to the net and it'll stream the selected video over the net. Cool Beans.

Check it out.

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