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Here's a thought! How about NOT trying to load every module when media player boots.

You know, come up with a creative shceme to load some thing on demand, or in the background when you start media player. Im not goint to watch Videos, do a slide show, listen to an mp3, while I listen to the radio.

Seriously, there has to be a way. Im on a PC with a 1Ghz Athlon, 9MB PC133 RAM. I know my PC seems out of date to you, but MP should not bog it down when it loads!

BTW, luv MP, nice job! Just wish it did not take 1.36 minutes to load!


1.36 minutes to load seems like a long time, mine starts up much faster then that on a 733Mhz PIII, also if its taking that long to start it would probly take 10-20 seconds to go into each item if loaded dynamically I would rather have 1.36 minute startup time and almost instant time switching from video to audio, slideshow, etc then shorter loading time and longer switching time, afterall Media Portal was designed to be started with the computer and then stay running, atleast thats what most people do with there HTPC, also I hope that 9MB ram is a typo, although that could explain the really long loading times but its an odd number to have, maybe you meant 96MB, in which case I would throw another 128-256MB ram in and it will probly speed up your loading times dramatically, with 96 MB ram with windows XP, MP will probly be almost all in SWAP file (the space on the hard drive where memory is stored when your programs allocate more memory then you have RAM) also if your ram is that low I would look through the windows services and disable the ones you dont need like terminal services, windows messaging services, etc


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I think there must be a problem with your windows. I saw your signature. You are using 1GH and 384 MB - in my office i test the new cvs-versions of mp with a duron 900mhz with 256mb and an old gforce2 with 32mb and loading time is about 15-20 sec and for testing i have almost all plugins enabled (And I have to say everythink runs fine).



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I do this in my Online Content Plugin - it loads assemblies on the fly.

However, I don't think MP should do this because it will mean modules will take longer to load, and also it prevents modules from listening in and acting on events in other modules. For example, lets say you delete a file in My Explorer - My Music can in theory listen in on the events and then refresh its database accordingly. If assemblies were loaded on the fly, the music module would not be able to do this.


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