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February 25, 2016
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(also posted on tuner comes up, tuner goes down.. no errors, no picture)

Log files at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mQ2KV6O...sp=sharing

Viewing TV on the HTPC local setup works just fine.
HTPC system
Kodi 17.4 on Win7-64 (full OS)
PVR client 2.4.19
TvServer 1.13.00 (
TvServerKodi plugin
HDHomerun prime 3 tuner

Trying to set up TvServer on win7-32 VM with 2gb memory
TvServer standalone
TvServerKodi plugin

TvServer finds the HDHR just fine. Imported channels from tuner, got the EPG from Sched Direct, associated the channels to the EPG.. all that worked fine.

Point the HTPC PVR client to this IP address, and watch the manual control window... it pulls up the station, then turns it off after 1-2 seconds.
No errors, no video being sent to HTPC.
Start timeshifting in manual window, ran just fine for 15s, then I shut it off.

Can someone look over these logs and tell me what it's doing, why it's failing to stream the video?
I tried to compare between working/non working logs, but I'm lost. I don't know what I am looking for.

I had it working at one point, but like an idiot I set up the VM in the /tmp dir.
When I rebooted to see if I could get the VM to autostart, it was gone. Apparently Ubunu clears the /tmp dir on shutdown.


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    Can someone look over these logs and tell me what it's doing, why it's failing to stream the video?
    KODI appears to tell TV Server to stop time-shifting immediately after TV Server has successfully tuned the channel:
    [2018-01-19 17:16:23,262] [Log ] [37 ] [INFO ] - TVServerKodi: Start timeshift for channel 1896 for user 'XBMCpvrclient1
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,210] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: Timeshift started for channel: 'KPTVDT' on device 'HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 13117A09-0'
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,215] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: TV Server returned 'rtsp://tv-server-PC:554/stream5.0' as timeshift URL and C:\Live TV\live5-0.ts.tsbuffer as timeshift file
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,220] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: Remote server='tv-server-PC'
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,233] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: StartTimeShifting took 6974 ms
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,238] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: PlayChannel 1896 => URL=rtsp://
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,294] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: Handling command: StopTimeshift
    [2018-01-19 17:16:30,304] [Log ] [37 ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: OnTvServerEvent: EndTimeShifting

    In other words, the problem appears to be KODI or the KODI TV Server plugin. I can't help you with those.

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