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wolfie smith

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December 9, 2007
need help setting me tuners cards up for tv guide

dont know if it can be done , i have one freeview card and a freesat card when i finished tuning the cards i have dupilcate channels in tv guide but worded different like BBC 1 and BBC 2 on freeview, and bbc 1 london & bbc 2 london is on the freesat cards is there anyway to ony have bbc 1 & two for tv guide but still have channels the same so i can record on bbc 1 and watch on bbc 2 on freesat card etc


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  • October 9, 2006
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    In TVServer Config you can combine channels. Go to Channels, select the "Combinations" tab, then select the tuner that has the name you would like to use, select the first channel on the left column, choose the duplicate on the right, click "combine," and voila your channels are combined.

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