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September 28, 2004
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I'm building a media portal box for Finland but live in the States and am not familiar with the available hardware for tuning TV overseas.

I have a PVR-250 and I assume I can tune the 3 over the air analog channels with it.

Over the air digital provides about 11 channels I'm told and with an external box I could USB-UIRT to it and connect it to the sVideo of my PVR-250. (seems like the easiest route)

If I wanted to tune the over the air digital signal via a card for use with media portal what do I need? Where can I buy it online?

The only purpose of this box is to schedule recordings and copy them to my house here in the states.

Once I arrive to install I do not have the time to order new hardware so I basically need to build it here and bring it with me for a quick install.

(Off the topic) it would be great if I could record to WMV format! For now I plan on writing a conversion util.

Any Thoughts?

Thanks in advance...


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  • July 28, 2004
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    If you wish to record digital TV in Finland then you need a DVB-T card.
    Supported cards are here...


    As for Transcoding to WMV its work in progress atm and will be in the release.
    There will be an option to do this automatically.

    Hopefully someone from Finland can give you a good web site or recommend a card on that list.


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