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I'm trying to get my remote working but got a few problems.

When i'm in My TV (not in fullscreen):
There is no way to change channels ? Except entering channel item then right/left.
Shouldnt F7 / F8 work here ? Channel up/down ?
And also 0-9 for quick change of channel ?
I tried adding actions for next/prev channel in both global actions
and under my tv, none worked.

In fullscreen, changing channels with left/right works, also entering channel number. But F7/F8 doesnt work ?
In the config under window\fullscreen tv\ next/prev tv channel
is defined as F7/F8, not left/right ?, this doesnt work...`
I'm confused..

Any conflict with the global key F7/F8 which is defined as next/prev item ?

Anyone managed to configure this ?
I just want channel switch to work in fullscreen/normal screen, and it cant
be left/right, they are already assigned to left/right :).


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