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I've been using MP for a total of a week so maybe I overlooked something. I have two possible feature requests.

1) In TV Guide, the left and right arrows seem to control date and the up and down arrows control the time which is cool. However, I have more than one page of channel listings (as I am sure most do) but I can't figure out how to scroll through the available pages of channels without exiting the guide, changing the channel on MyTV and then going back into the TV Guide. This is highly annoying.

In Wiki I found the following statement...
Scroll bars for mouse operation are available at the side and bottom, indicating position and placement with in the available guide.

Can't seem to find them. I have played extensively with the configurations options and haven't found an obvious clue that I previously missed. I've also tried different skins with no luck. I do have "special mouse controls" enabled.

So here's my feature suggestion which I think would be good whether or not I am missing the obvious. Put two additional buttons on the TV Guide, one for "Channels Page Up" and one for "Channels Page Down". I can create a mock-up if you'd like.

2) This request applies to just myTV I think but it may be in other places as well. I found the "up" and "down" selection buttons counter-intuitive for me. Granted I am a little counter-intuitive myself... :lol: Let me give you an example. When I change channels in myTV, I click the left channel arrow expecting to go to a lower channel but I really go to a higher channel. I think this might be a geographic bias. In the "General" or perhaps "myTV" options page there can be a selection that to increase is either left or right button and to decrease is automatically the opposite. In essence, I want to be able to choose the function of the buttons. I know... I'm being picky... :twisted:

Ok... someone straighten me out... :D

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