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February 24, 2010
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Started on: 2012-12-09
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I use MP mainly for TV, and would appreciate if the TV Guide shows if I had recorded the show previously, and if I have deleted it, then why!
Some other MP users have had the same idea
MP 1.3.0 Beta - The Titan is coming!
I don't have programming skills, so I hope someone who have, will look at it. :)

This is only affecting TV Guide
My idea is to have the guide to show if I all ready have this show recorded, eg. with a popup when it is selected and if I have deleted it, it could show a txt I have written.
The txt should come from user input, when the show is deleted by inputting a txt to the recording either as free txt or by selection eg. - "BAD Show" - etc.
If the show is on Harddrive it could show "Show exist"
MP could add this txt to an XML tag in the file that is created along with the recording in recordingfolder.
The XML file could be moved to a sub folder if recording is removed
Is this something others want, then click LIKE......
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