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November 17, 2004
Forgive my ignorance, I don't know much about C# or compiling multiple files together, but.....

Suppose you wanted MediaPortal to go directly to the TV Guide when you tell it to launch My TV. What would you have to change in the source for the My TV plugin to get this kind of functionality?

And, would you have to change anything outside of the plugin?

My initial idea was that you could just rename the file GUITVGuide.cs to GUITVHome.cs and get rid of the original GUITVHome.cs, then compile the whole thing, but I don't suppose that would work. Of course, I haven't tried...

The reason I ask is because we don't have a PVR card for our HTPC, but we still like to use the program guide. It gets tedious going through all the My TV menus.

One thing I would be worried about, is that after you get into the TV Guide, would you be able to go BACK directly to the home screen?

I may be speculating too much, since I don't know enough about the inner workings of MP to know exactly what would happen, but it seems to me like something like this could happen.


It wouldn't work.

You must update the content of the files as well (at at minimum the classname). My guess would also be that there are issues in terms of the navigation structure inside the source code. Things are connected, renaming a part without fixing references to it rarerly works.

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