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I think that the EPG and GUI part of the TV plugin is great but the TV part (display/record) could be better if anyone can choose witch peace of software to use.
People with a DVB-card could use a specific peace of software (or existant software),
People with a PVR-car another
People with a bt8x8 card another one (like the great K!TV)

All you (devellopers) have to do is split the EPG/GUI part from the tv display/record one.

What do you think of that ?


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    it isn't as simple as you put there.
    I think the time you should put in making external tv apps possible is better spent on improving our own TV app.


    I know that JohnAd is now working with the Media Portal Team and I'm pretty sure that the Tv app will be great :wink:

    But I think that Oxwald is right too... It would be great if it was possible to choose the software you want to use as Tv app.

    K!Tv for example for analogic Tv or progDVB for satelite ;)

    The other way to do that would be to know how the EPG "talks" with the Tv app and if it's possible for another software to "talk" with EPG and be integrated inside MP as an external app or a plug-in...

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