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  • June 10, 2008
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    Many people (?the majority) use an external script/bat file to update tvguide.xml and they have to use windows task scheduler to schedule this update. This adds unnecessary complexity to the installation since tvserver already has the ability to periodically wake the htpc for recordings etc... Creating a scheduled task in windows takes around 5 minutes and it's slightly different depending on what operating system you use adding un-needed complexity to guides as well.

    TV server should have the ability to launch an external process periodically to create the tvguide.xml file

    It should have the following basic and advanced options:

    [ ] Wake HTPC to run process if asleep (vs. running as soon as it wakes)
    Run process at [ ] time, every [ ] days

    Delay [ ] seconds after waking before running process
    [ ] Prevent sleep while process is running
    [ ] End process if it takes longer than [ ] mins to end
    Retry process [ ] times if it fails to end
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