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February 12, 2008
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I had to disconnect everything to move my PC and I assume when I reconnected the USB tuner it wasn't to the same port, as Windows detected and installed a new device, as it does.

Anyway, that resulted in duplicate entries in TV Server for my dual tuner (K-World 499U), so I deleted the old redundant ones, re-mapped the channels to the new ones, set the Timeshifting and Recording paths to the correct folders but testing with Manual Tuning just gave an error "All cards busy" I think and on the second attempt, just locked TV Server config up completely.

I tried reinstalling TV Server and fixing the SQL database with "cd \program files\mysql\mysql server 5.1\bin
mysqlcheck mptvdb --auto-repair -e -u root -p --password=MediaPortal" but that didn't help.

Eventually out of desperation I tried moving the tuner to another USB port and now it seems to be OK (after deleting the previous, now redundant, entries and remapping the channels, etc again) but it seems a bit strange it didn't work on the other port, despite being detected and installed by both Windows and TV Server. Anyway, I've attached logs in case there's anything in there that might help avoid this in future.
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