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    This Plugin is made to overtake the lack of direct show video settings in Tvserver for hauppauge PVR card (tested with Colossus 2 and Pvr HD2 usb, but it could work with any pvr card)For each timeshift starting it setups :


    following a config file you provide.


    Stop Tvserver service
    copy the dsvideocontrol-MPs-plugin.dll (in the attached .zip) to the tvserver plugin folder
    Start Tvserver service

    download webcameraconfig.exe from SuslikV/cfg-cam

    create a folder (eg: c:\webcameraconfig)
    put webcameraconfig.exe in the last created folder

    start a tv channel managed with pvr card

    from a command window, run "webcameraconfig.exe --savedev"
    it should create a cam_set.cfg file with your current configuration

    open tvserver configuration app

    activate the plugin
    go to the plugin setup window

    write in the text box (or use the "..." button to browse to ) the path to webcameraconfig.exe (in this example c:\webcameraconfig)

    then go to another plugin setting window (just to be sure that your path has been saved)

    close tvserver configuration tool

    since now each time the timeshift starts (it happens also for a channel change) the cam_set.cfg is applied

    you can play with values to find the best fit for you.
    open the cam_set.cfg with notepad,change values, save the file.
    on the next timeshift starting event you will get new video settings.

    Any comment or suggestion is more than welcome!

    keep in mind I'm not a professional programmer and this is my second MP plugin so the code could be not perfect :)


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