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  • March 15, 2012
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    hello testers just a little input here something that would be great to fix up with the tv server if someone hasn't mentioned it yet? .first of all i am testing with win7 64bit athlon duo core and nivida graphics card and sound card for high def sound ..i have tried to add 91.w nimiq 1 while i have 110w and 119w ,129w now what happens is soon as i try to add 91w to the list all my channels get mixed together in a big mess i have kept my sat list tp's up to date all there and working just cant mix the two groups together ,i have tried to add a 1or a 2 in front of the channel numbers on 91w like such channel 200 becomes 1200 simple hmm took for ever to do and didnt work but i why can't we make it work in provider groups ;) or least be able to add number in front as sujested with a simple click lol i know sounds easier then it is right haha on other fta dvb test devices it is how it works thnx for your time reading testing from 1.2.2 to now 1.3.0alpha with genpix skwalker1 using genpix driver 2.0.1 and using navicat premium ,MDAPI_Plus_0_9_0_1459 filter, aswell as safe codecs 610 or 612 seems to be stable for few months now, problems crashing i did notice with 610 a bit of jitter on some hd feeds for some reason the lava codecs that come with this version just freezes up? so 612 seems to be where its at for testing consistently i have found... i have to say great job to all you here who make this happen this version has been really stable !!! if there is a log or file you team members would like from me just let me know ill post it up haply do anything to help further this development if i can thnx again :D

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