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Rob Bresnik

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November 28, 2012
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I just installed Media Portal and was looking at the forums and help sites and could not find a solution for this. I want to setup the TV Server and find absolutely not options for this in config menu, can find no where to download the tv server. Can someone help me? Just want some direction here...all the help items assume that you have installed the tv server but I can't find anything on how to do that from scratch.


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    Hello and welcome Rob

    Usually MP and TV Server are installed at the same time with the process described here:
    - "yes, I will use MP to watch TV"
    If you do an advanced installation then choose "single-seat" to get MP and TV Server on the same machine.

    So I guess when you installed MP you didn't select the options that would ensure TV Server would be installed?
    If that is the case, open the installer with the program you use for opening zip files.
    If the program is any good it should be able to open the installer as if it is a zip file.
    In the archive you should see a file labelled something like "package-tv...".
    Extract and run that to install the TV Server... or alternatively uninstall and reinstall with the correct options.


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