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June 5, 2005
I'm working on a dedicated downloader/parser of an xml EPG program from a French team. (telecable.xml)
"telecable.xml" is a team which made every day an xml and put it on mirrors, ready to be use. EPG data in this file are only in French for French usage. I have take contact with the team to be able to use their job, and it is ok.

I'm working on a plugin which take care of downloading this xml by choosing a mirror, and then parse the xml, just using the programs information of channels which are configure in MediaPortal. The initial file contains near 180 channels.

I based my work on "XMLTVImport.cs".
All of this is ok.

The questions I have:

1/ where is the property for "episode" used? I have check that in the database these information are present (and it is ok), but I don't see them in the tvguide.
Same question for star-rating and classification.
May I have to ignore these properties and put information in the description? Or these properties will be used shortly?

2/ is my code “ok” for the future?
- for each channel I have –
	sql = "delete from tblPrograms where idChannel=" + channel.ID + ";\n";
	- for each program I have -
		TVProgram program = new TVProgram();
		set each program’s property with their own value
	- end for each –
- end for each -
All my code is done in a thread, with "lot" of thread.sleep.


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