TVEngine3 Snapshot: 12-14-2007 15-21h Revision 16629 (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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General Infos:

Please visit our Wiki-Guide before you try out this engine.
We also provide some tutorial videos which show how to install and configure the TV-Server and TV-Client.

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Capabilities:

- seperate front/backend
- supports multiple frontends
- supports multiple backends (master/slave servers)
- analog/atsc/dvb-c/dvb-s/dvb-t support
- recording to mpeg-2 program stream (.mpg)
- mpeg-2 transport stream timeshifting
- multi tuner support of course
- epg / mhw grabbing right from the DVB stream
- network streaming via rtsp
- teletext grabbing

- ci / cam support for firedtv, twinhan and technotrend
- placeshifting
- TV Movie Clickfinder EPG import

MediaPortal TVEngine3 Requirements:

- latest MediaPortal SVN-Build Wiki-Guide --> Download
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition ---> Download
- additional (but recommened) SQL Server Management Studio Express ---> Download


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March 26, 2007
Germany Germany
Changelog since last snapshot:

Remote 14/12/2007 [15:04:53] rtv added: fixed: prefer FiresatAPI.dll in MediaPortal dir to allow usage of different versions. Fixed install path of currently used FireDTV software.

===> click here to download <===

This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the Bugsection


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October 17, 2006
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No TV Function

This release does not work at all for me, well the TVserver manual control indicates is is timeshifting but MP does not display live TV and locks, has to be killed via task manager.

Installed both TV and MP rev 16629

Using Vista32, EVR enabled

Zip file from MP testtool attached.


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December 7, 2006
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Tv picture works, but there is no sound on any channel. This this has something to to with gibmans last change...


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  • October 4, 2006
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    Just saying something works doesnt make it easier for us..

    full logs plz.

    Also please bear in mind that u need to update all parts of MP (tv client, tv server and MP itself).

    The new audio stuff is only supported on tsreader - but since this is now mandatory, everyone should have it.
    atleast if use use SVNs.



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    April 7, 2007
    Germany Germany

    I have the same problem (Live TV does not work at all). I recognized this problem also in the previous build 16627.

    I did a few tests:

    1. Using preview of SetupTV : SetupTV hangs ( see log_setuptv_preview_hang.rar & .jpg)
    2. Running MP watching TV: A few channels worked, but after changing the channel once more MP hangs
    (see Log_mp.rar & log_tvservice_running_mp_hangs.rar)


    Configuration.exe needs more than 1 minute to show the plugin section (or the same time to close with saving data without showing previously the plugin section). This problem is a live since a 3 or 4 weeks. I mentioned it previously already (see also Log_mp.rar). Does somebody has an idea why? :mad:


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    November 17, 2007
    Germany Germany
    i can confirm that the fireDtv remote is now working again

    for me live tv didn't working until i installed the newest tv-server version. Now everything is working fine

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