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  • March 10, 2010
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    I would like to propose a patch which might merit a little discussion.

    In the current (1.1.2) version, the TvEvents for Recording Starting, Started, and Ended are fired from the built-in scheduler. Additionally, there are arguments in the TvEvent for the recording and schedule information to identify the specific recording and the schedule causing the event. This is a logical organization.

    However, Recordings can be initiated by other plug-ins, such as 4TheRecord. As I understand it, many if not most users opt for a scheduler plugin of some kind. In this case, the recording TvEvents are never fired, and as such, other plugins are not aware of these events occurring. In the case of a blaster plugin, the startzapchannel event is still fired, but in the case of the Comskip Launcher plugin the recording start and end events are never seen. My personal interest is in refining a tuner plugin to identify recording and timeshift end periods to turn off a set top box to conserve power/heat.

    The patch I've attached is to move the TvEvent firing for recording events back into the TvController directly (with other events) and out of the scheduler. It should behave the same in terms of timing, however some specific argument information is lost- namely the recording and schedule details. These could be parameters passed in to the TvController, or these arguments could be removed.

    These events are not used by anything internal to MediaPortal (client or TvServer), and the plugins I know about which do use these events (only ComskipLauncher) do not need the arguments.

    I would like to suggest that these arguments be passed in to the TvController to keep the information available, but I wasn't sure how much of an API change I should suggest in a patch.



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