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  • January 18, 2012
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    This plugin is working fine for me in the DefaultWide skin. But I normally use Black Glass HD, and that's giving me two strange problems.

    The first problem is that I can't change the feed. It always shows the same feed no matter which one I choose. I have two feeds set up: CNN National News and The Onion. MP starts up with a feed which is ten items from the first source and two items from the second. If I try to change the feed source, the feed does not change.

    I posted here a log file of my activity. Here is exactly what I did:
    I started MP with the Black Glass HD skin.
    I went to the InfoService plugin.
    I changed to The Onion feed.
    I went back to the Home screen, and the displayed feed had not changed.
    I exited MP.

    The other problem, which also only happens in Black Glass HD, is that the feed text font is too large. The letters are partially cut off at the bottom of the screen. I attached a screenshot of it.

    Help, please?


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