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I'm a very new MP user and I just to first thank all of those involved with the project. You've got a really cool program going and although I'm just getting to know C# I'm hoping to contribute to the project in some way.

To get started I decided I'd get myself aquainted with the build process for MediaPortal and I've hit a snag right away. I followed the directions for compiling MP in the forums and everything compiles fine. The problem is when running the app I get an ArgumentOutOfRange exception in MediaPortal.cs line 118. If I comment out this line and rebuild it complains it is unable to load the sqlite.dll file.

Can anyone give me a bit of insight on how to get this to build and run using VC# 2005 Express Edition Beta?


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    VS.NET 2005 compiles for .NET 2.0
    MP is written in .NET 1.1 since both VS.NET 2005 & .NET 2.0 are
    still in beta

    So use VS.NET 2003


    I have managed to build it under VS 2005 Enterprise (full), I had issues with the projects and had to throw the project files away and recreate them as the upgrade wizard did not work.

    Your problem looks like bad timing with CVS (happens to me sometimes) or your checkout/update did not complete correctly.

    In any case frodo is right VS 2005/.NET 2.0 is beta product and we do not support it.

    If you want official support and fairly easy time you will have to use VS 2003. I am sorry it's not free like express but thats the way it goes.

    As side note under direction from my boss I began a windows forms project back in july with VS 2005. Cool tho it is I wish I had convinced him not to (just for a lead in market with clickonce etc) its been more pain than it's worth.

    I had estimated around 3 months for completion. It is still not done!


    I was kind of wondering if it the code in CVS was just borked but if it's just isn't .NET 2.0 compatible it's all good. I can get VC# 2003 somewhere I'm sure :)

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