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August 26, 2007
I've installed Mediaplayer, and played around with it for a few days.
I've tried to use the MCE remote mapping to get it set up to the way I want to navigate the UI, but I just can't figure out the logic (or lack thereof ?)

Basically what I want is to have the Channel Down button, go One page down whilst I'm in the TV-Guide view.
But just using the button, it will go down One page+1 channel, ie., it skips a channel, and I never see that channel in the guide.

So I find out that the Skip, and Replay buttons work the way I want the CH up/down button to work, so I think, "I'll just copy their behavior to the CH up/down buttons)
Alas, the CH up/down button still functions the way they alway have, skipping one channel.

So to test the remapping function, I thought I'd remap the Play button (that does nothing in the TV Guide view), to Jump down a page, in the TV Guide Window.
But strangely I'm getting a completely new behavior from this button, although looking at the setup, it should function equally to the CH down button.

And this new behavior is not really logical either.
The first time Play is pressed it will jump down one page + one channel. (Although hereafter, it functions the way you'd expect, jumping down one page at the time)

I've tried creating a screenshot album, to explain what's happening. It is here: http://imgur.com/a/ktn0N#0

So what am I missing ?
This seemingly random and completely illogical behavior of the remote setup is driving me crazy..!
Any input is much appreciated.
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