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February 19, 2008
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OK, it seems that I am unable to retrieve any info from imdb and I may need to update to the latest version. Currently runing yeah I know, welcome to 2013 already. I remember having so much fun finding all the codecs and etc to get it to run decent, and am not looking forward to it again. So I qualify as a newb (again) My internet is slow so it makes it all the more fun- NOT - any advice to make it a painless transition ?? Thanks VERY much. I use MP to watch movies exclusively, no streaming, or anything else.


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  • April 1, 2010
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    Hank, you got a work around - cool.

    When the day dawns you don't (hit's us all in the end) the codec fun you suffered (pat pending on quote:) will hopfully be ancient history - MePo 1.3 with the LAV codecs (vanilla install) is for most users a fit and forget job now.

    And a 5 year gap between posts (I peeked) - if not a record, then worthy of a mention.

    TTFN - JCMP.

    PS - just noticed, nice counterpoint in our avatar pics:whistle:

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