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February 19, 2005
Haven't heard much on this topic for a while, so I thought I kick it off again and see if anyone's interested.

I thinking of coding support for UPnP UI in MP.

At the moment mainly because I'm lazy, I'm thinking of using the Intel RUI stack, but all this is pretty new to me, so don't hold your breath as I haven't got into the technicallities of it yet !

The end state vision being a remote UI for Desktop and Pocket PC.(Dream)

Anyone interested ? Or has someone else already learn't something I haven't ?

I've seen the work on OpenLounge, very impressed. With Romote UI as well MP would trully rock.

BTW. If anyone knows of an opensource UI stack, would be useful for the future, if I get this of the ground.

Also, if someone who's just better at coding wants to take this on, be my guest, I'm not a proud man, just want to see it done.


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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Mr.Mitchell said:
Do you have some more info on the UPnP UI thing? Like what can it be used for?

I think this has been mentioned in the uPNP thread, but anyway... The idea of the uPNP UI is that a special version of the UI is 'sent' over to the client device using uPNP. Media Center Extenders use this, however due to graphic performance limitations, the DirectX effects aren't displayed on the extenders. See here for an demo by Intel:


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