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    It's not a bug report nor a skin issue. But it might be design related and could be a discussion for a possible feature request.

    When the input of the user is needed, currently a full keyboard is displayed.
    1 full keyboard.png

    While this is good in case of textural input, only a part of the the keyboard is needed if the expected value is an integer or single data type. Nevertheless it is possible to type a non-numbering character.
    2 full kb validation.png

    Not sure how much changes are needed, but if it would be possible to tell the on-screen-keyboard the expected data type, it could be the full keyboard, if text is expected or a simplified and slimmed down numpad if only single or double values are expected. If the data type is an integer, even the comma (,) could be disabled or hidden.
    3 numpad.png

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