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March 17, 2019
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G'day to all..Newb here and first time user of MP. Fortunately, I have used various HTPC solutions so I do know something about MP. I have a SD account that I have been using with my other HTPC proggys and both of them automatically update their EPG databases without any manual/human intervention. From what I have read here around this forum it appears that is not the case for MP. Is this correct? No worries if that is the case because I do have proggys that will extract my lineups from SD via JSON or otherwise on the fly. I have installed both versions of MP and both are workin well with live TV.

Now I am the stage of installing the SD plugin which I have done in MP1 but, I cannot figure out how to get it to call SD and get my EPG populated. I have restarted TV service many times and still I get a blank EPG and I am only trying to pull 2 days worth just for testing. Any help in this area would be appreciated. TIA...cheeers!


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    As I remember MP's SD plugins is using old xml data from SD so for using JSOn data you need any tool like mcxml which could grab json data to xml tvguide file which could be imported by MP's xmltv plugin. Disclaimer: not a US and SD user. Ive just read forum

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    For the UK I believe you can use the standard OTA DVB EPG it should work automatically without user intervention once it has been setup, it does here in Germany. See the TV Server Config/DVB EPG and the MP 1 wiki for further details. Not sure how the DVB EPG compares to the one you get from your SD account, but it certainly should work.


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    Use mc2xml to get the data from SD. This will produce an XML file that the XMLTV plugin will recognise - once you have moved and renamed the mc2xml default xml file to the location/name that XMLTV expects. If you want access to the Series/Episode No. data then you will need to run a post-process on the mc2xml output before you pass in to XMLTV. This is covered elsewhere in the Forum in several places - e.g. XMLTV Idiot's guide please....hoping there is one!! and UK: Atlas shutting down Radio Times feed from June 16 & also stopping free access to MetaBroadcast

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