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May 20, 2008
Hi all,

As part of my MediaPortal setup, I have a couple of tray apps that I wanted to run. They are related to the remote control for my TV card (Leadtek), but I was having some issues with them - they needed to start in a particular order for everything to work hunky-dory.

So, I just knocked up a little .Net utility that can be used to launch applications in a particular order, with a specific "second" delay for each one to start.

Not sure if this would be useful to anyone else (and I'm sure there are a bunch of other things out there that do the same thing), but I thought I'd upload it here anyway. The source is VB.Net (Visual Studio 2005). To use the app, just run Second Starter\bin\Release\SecondStarter.exe. If you run the app with no parameters, it will just open the configuration window. To actually run the processes, you need to run the app with this command line:

SecondStarter.exe -runprocesses

This is the command you would put in your Startup folder, or Windows\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry. When run like this, the app will run in the system tray - just right-click the tray icon for the pop-up menu, or double-click it to open the configuration form. If you turn the option on to close the app after all processes have been run, it will close automatically (save system resources).

It's all pretty simple and self-explanatory - if you do have any questions though, just let me know.


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