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May 31, 2005
Something to be said about this great software if this is all I can nit-pick. :)

1) Could the window location of the configure program be centered to the desktop or even moved ~40 pixels higher? The OK button is behind the taskbar on 800x600 and we all know how hard it is to just drag the window up a bit. :)

2) In language\English\strings.xml (sorry, no line number) about 3/4 down the document, could "My status" be changed to "My Status" (capital S in Status). I changed it on my copy, not sure if this file wil be overwritten on the next version.

3) When recording a show, it would be cool to have an option of where to save it. Kids' shows in one folder, Dad's shows in another. Sometimes Dad's shows aren't fit for kids. :) This one might not be such a small request.

Like I said - pretty nit-picky stuff. Great software as it is! :)

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