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  • November 26, 2006
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    I love the Video Background toggle. It is currently available on the MyHome screen when you use the Fullscreen Video button. I set a key on my remote so I could use it elsewhere, but the Background toggle (action 101) does not function like FullScreen Video.

    When you turn off FullScreen Video, it reverts to the currently defined videopreview window. If allowoverlay is off, then no video is displayed. That is perfect and what should happen.

    However, when you toggle off the VideoBackground toggle, it always reverts to the videopreview defined in videooverlay.xml even if the xml has allowoverlay set to no, or has defined its own videopreview window.

    For example, if I turn off the background video in My Weather I get a video overlay even though allowoverlay is set to no and there should not be a videooverlay.

    Also, any xml that defines it's own videopreview window (and there are 71 in Blue3!) becomes irrelevant as the videooverlay.xml takes precedence.

    In summary, is there any reason the VideoBackground toggle cannot work exactly like FullScreen video, so when you turn it off it reverts to the current videopreview window if defined, or does not show a videooverlay if allowoverlay is set to no?

    This could be a really awesome feature if it could work like this. Any hope?

    There is also a great plugin - Video Background Auto Switcher that automatically shows video in the background when you are in the GUI (obviously when you play a video it goes fullscreen first).

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