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May 21, 2007
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I am wondering if anyone knows of any software that will split a video files at fade to blacks into separate files.

I have a file that consists of a series of commercials with an info slide before each one that I need to split into separate files.
Format of the file is: black, info, black, commercial, black, info, ...

As there are probably about 50 in each file, I was hoping to find something that will do this automatically for me.

I have looked at VideoReDo which will detect the scenes fine, but not then split into separate files easily.
There appears to be an add-on for it which should do it, but I get an error when using it (I have put a post on the forums for VideoReDo but so far no responses).

Does anyone know of any other software or easy way to do this?



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  • January 4, 2007
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    Hello whatisk,

    using VideoReDo is not a bad start. The software looks like crap but it is really good "bellow the surface". You can use comskip to detect the commercials and configure it to output a controlfile for VideoReDo. When you load this file into VideoReDo the cutpoints will be set automatically. They are, however not always 100% accurate but you can manually revise these cuts before applying them.
    The automation of this process is still work in progress. You should know that it is quite sophisticated to do this so please be patient.



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    May 21, 2007
    Australia Australia
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    Thanks for the reply.

    The built in ad-finder in VRD seems to detect the breaks fine. The problem I have is in getting each break/segment output to a separate file automatically. It seems to cut out what you choose, but then the remaining segments are saved together as one file.

    It looks like it may be possible by adding cut points manually into a batch, but this seems as though it would take as long to do as me doing it manually...

    I shall keep looking and playing though.

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