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October 15, 2018
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Hey guys,
I guess you read many posting here about TV stuttering. Therefore I'm sorry to write a similar question to this topic. However, i think, this posting is a bit different from most of the other postings:

Here is my scenario:
Mediaportal is running at my home for several years now and without any problems. It's a great software!
Due to some private job-related things, I had to move to a new appartment. I'm visiting my home only every few weeks. However, at home, the tv-server is still running.
My home and my appartment are connected via VPN.

I tried to connect from my appartment to my tv-server which is a few hundred kilometers away using site-to-site vpn. It was a bit difficult to get this working because client and server are in different subnetworks, but well, finally i got it working and I'm now able to stream DVB-S2 TV to my appartment :)

Everything is working fine, BUT, as soon as I want to watch HD channels, I get a stuttering TV. Most of you would say, well you have too little bandwidth for that... But i checked that:

The TV-server can easily stream with 30-40 Mbit/s through VPN. The TV-server has also no problems streaming HD channels to clients which are in the home network (it worked for several years flawlessly).
But, when streaming HD channels via VPN to my appartment, the stuttering begins! The problem is, that in the beginning the TV-server never streams with a higher rate than about 4-8 Mbit/s.

When I keep the HD channel active for some minutes (and accepting the stuttering) the traffic graph changes and goes more like a zig-zag between 100 Kbit/s and 20 Mbit/s peaks. This shows, that TV-server in fact is able to stream with a higher-rate via VPN. But the tv-server doesn't do this constantly.

And this is the point where I don't have a glue why this happens? The load of the tv-server is low. There are remaining bandwidth capacities. The tv-server shows, that when he likes, he could easily stream with a higher rate. But he just doesn't do that!

I don't think this is a issue related to bandwidth capacity.
I'm thinking of latency? Maybe this is a problem? Latency is about 14ms.

But, I think, in order to understand this more deeply, it is necessary to understand how the TV-Server streams and why the server is not using all available bandwidth when using VPN? When in home local network, there is no problem and TV-server uses full bandwidth.

I'm talking about mediaportal tv-server running on Windows 10.
He is streaming to Mediaportal PVR Clients Kodi Add-ONs; i tried different versoin from 1.10.x to 2.x - the problem is everywhere the same!
The Kodi PVR Clients use the option TSreader without RTSP stream.
Could the RTSP stream improve this situation? Right now I think RTSP stream is not working on tv-server, right?

Thanks for all your help!

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