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June 10, 2011
Started on: 2014-09-03
last update: 2014-09-03

The WASAPI music player always outputs 2/0 via HDMI regardless of Windows sound device settings. This causes the matrix decoder to kick-in on surround receivers. It would be great to have the option to output WASAPI music as multichannel with the center and surround channels empty so that only the front speakers are used for music.

WASAPI Music Player Output.

When using the WASAPI music player, audio is always output as 2/0. Most people have their receivers set to decode 2/0 using "Pro-Logic IIz" or "DTS Neo 6" matrix decoding for TV, Videos etc. and this is terrible for stereo music. The ASIO player with ASIO4ALL outputs 2/0 as 7/1 but unfortunately it's a bit unstable. If the WASAPI player could do the same it would be fantastic and would allow bit perfect music output and save people having to switch between "Stereo" and "Matrix Decoding" on their receiver (very annoying on Onkyo receivers as they cycle through about 5-10 sound modes every time.)

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