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September 21, 2017
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I am attaching my file that I use for grabbing my local stations in Palm Beach County Florida. It works but you have to save it in a separate folder in your main hard drive. I save it in the "Program Data" directory on my C drive and call it Team MediaPortal Grabber. The reason is that every time you upgrade the new install deletes/overwrites your existing xml file with a blank one and then after updating you have to copy your zip code file from your saved directory and paste it into the US grabber file and delete the blank one the program inserted. The Wiki on the EPG tells you the steps to change the xml file ( MediaPortal Wiki ) : BE SURE TO SAVE IT AS AN XML FILE AND NOT A DAT FILE. WHEN I MAKE CHANGES I FIRST COPY THE ORIGINAL AND RENAME IT BY ADDING "COPY 1" TO THE END OF THE FILE NAME (SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR EXAMPLE) SO I DON'T LOSE THE GOOD COPY. THEN PASTE IT AGAIN AND RENAME THE SECOND ONE "COPY 2" AND WORK WITH COPY 2 IN CASE YOU MESS IT UP. I USE A PROGRAM CALLED XML COPY EDITOR WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO WATCH THE FORMAT IT WANTS TO "SAVE IT AS" TO BE SURE YOU KEEP IT AS AN XML FILE; I OPEN THE PROGRAM AND THEN OPEN THE FILE TO WORK WITH OTHERWISE WINDOWS WILL OPEN IT IN EXPLORER AND YOU CANNOT EDIT IT. AFTER MAKING YOUR CHANGES, SAVE IT IN THE XML EDITOR PROGRAM AND CLOSE THAT, RENAME THE NEW FILE, COPY IT AND PASTE IT INTO THE US GRABBER, DELETE THE BLANK ONE, AND RENAME IT TO MATCH THE BLANK ONE BY DELETING THE COPY REFERENCES. After creating the new file for your zip code, in order to map the stations, auto populate the EPG TV mapping section of the plugin and click on each station, one at a time, then use the three dots next to each station name in the bottom of the EPG TV mapping section of the TV server configuration which will bring up the US grabber in a separate screen - highlight the same station and double click it and it automatically fills in the necessary information for that station. Repeat for every station that you want to grab for your tv guide. Then exit and wait a few minutes and go back in to see if it worked. If not just exit and wait longer - it took my computer abut 10 minutes to update internally.


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