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Discussion in 'Newcomers Forum' started by Mayur Ranpura, September 14, 2016.

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    I've kinda followed webgrabplus quickview and installation guide etc. Downloaded tv.sky.com.channels.xml and the ini file. Edited the WebGrab++.config.xml file and added the channels I required from tv.sky.channel.xml under the <channels> section for example -

    Code (Text):
    2. <!-- The channel-list :
    3. Each channel to be grabbed has a separate entry in the list, the most common form is:
    4. <channel update=.. site=.. site_id=.. xmltv_id=.. >display-name</channel>
    5. Besides this form, there is a possibility to specify special channels like 'combi-channels' and 'timeoffset-channels', see further down for more information-->
    7. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="2102" xmltv_id="BBC One N West">BBC One N West</channel>
    8. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="2075" xmltv_id="BBC Two HD">BBC Two HD</channel>
    9. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="6504" xmltv_id="ITV HD">ITV HD</channel>
    10. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="4075" xmltv_id="Channel 4 HD">Channel 4 HD</channel>
    11. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="1800" xmltv_id="Channel 5">Channel 5</channel>
    12. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="6532" xmltv_id="ITV2 HD">ITV2 HD</channel>
    13. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="4023" xmltv_id="FOX HD">FOX HD</channel>
    14. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="2510" xmltv_id="ComedyCentral">ComedyCentral</channel>
    15. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="1813" xmltv_id="ComedyXtra">ComedyXtra</channel>
    16. <!-- LINE BREAK -->
    17. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="4062" xmltv_id="Sky Thriller HD">Sky Thriller HD</channel>
    18. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="0000" xmltv_id="Sky Hits HD">Sky Hits HD</channel>
    19. <channel update="i" site="tv.sky.com" site_id="4020" xmltv_id="Sky Select HD">Sky Select HD</channel>

    after starting the exe file, it gets an error - mainly around Sky Thriller

    Code (Text):
    2. error downloading page: The request was aborted: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
    3. pausing 1 of 4 times for 5 seconds before re-try.
    4. error downloading page: The request was aborted: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
    5. pausing 2 of 4 times for 10 seconds before re-try.
    6. error downloading page: The request was aborted: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
    7. pausing 3 of 4 times for 15 seconds before re-try.
    8. error downloading page: The request was aborted: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
    9. pausing 4 of 4 times for 20 seconds before re-try.
    Due to this, it stops the process but generates the "guide.xml". So I've uploaded the contents to Pastebin and added the link to Perfect Player. When I click on Refresh It says EPG Downloaded however I can't see the EPG...

    so the question is --

    1. Why it keeps erroring at the same location
    2. How do I get it to match it up to my Channels? If for example I used the Sky UK config file so it has over 800 channels, I only have 30 channels. So how does the tv guide know what to match it too? I have a M3U file which is actually just a HTTP link.

    Please can anyone help

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    Maybe you are in the wrong forum here. It is all about Media Portal here, an HTPC Application for Windows PC.

    Maybe the site has changed lately and/or the server did not work properly. If it is only this channel you may remove it from the WebGrab Config and start a test, if the data download is working then.

    This is something you definitely need to ask somewhere else. I could tell you most likely how to match the channels in MediaPortal, but for Perfect Player you need to ask someone who knows something about it.. So it is as when you own a bike and went to a lorry dealer to ask for help on the gear shift system of your bike...

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