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March 17, 2008
Netherlands Netherlands
Hey all,

I'm looking for some people willing to test a little project of mine.
I've been running a portal website now for ages on my server (which is now a QNAP TS-412) to have easy access to all my webexposed apps I run on my homenetwork. To get an idea of what this means check out this youtube movie. Some of you might be already familiar with one of my earlier builds I tried releasing back in the day.
I'm almost at a state where it's getting generic enough to release as an OS project. Before this beaut's get's released I want it tested by others first and gather feedback.

So what's to be expected of you as an Alpha tester:
  • You have experience with PHP and MySQL (otherwise things will get a bit hard, it's generic but certainly not yet noob proof)
  • You don't mind hunting down a bug to get me some decent info (so not just saying this doesn't work, provide some background info and circumstances etc.).
  • Knowledge of Apache configuration can come in handy (not necessary)
  • You're patient.

Got your attention? Here's some background on the current state of things
  • Menu editor still has some bugs and usability needs to be improved (lather not necessary for first alpha)
  • Some parts of the dashboard needs to be made generic
  • Internet Exploder compatibility still bad (IE9 works)
  • Plugin setting pages need to be created (for now edit ini files)

Finally some prerequisites:
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache 2.x

If you're interested please contact me at;
jos_nienhuis at hotmail dot com

I will reply to every candidate however only the first five will be selected for this round of testing.
I will keep in touch with the selected candidates and when I feel the time is right (most likely within 2 weeks from now) to release I will send the candidates the source code together with a manual.

I'm only looking for 5 testers so be quick to apply!

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