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    Welcome to The Newcomers Forum - Please read before posting

    Hello and welcome to MediaPortal.
    If you have just discovered our forums, then this sub forum is the perfect place to start.

    If you have general questions about MediaPortal (what it is, what it does) then feel free to post a thread here. When you start a support thread, please make sure your System Specs are filled in (and up-to-date) and you include logs (-> for MP1 | --> for MP2) with your post!

    General forum usage:
    • Please respect the forum and its users
    • For getting started please have a look at the Forum Posting Tips

    Useful information:

    We currently have 2 active projects:
    • MediaPortal 1:
      Our stand alone HTPC solution

    • MediaPortal 2:
      The 2nd generation of our HTPC solution, created from scratch. The Summer 2015 Update 1 release provides a fully operational setup. Keep in mind that at this time the choice of available plugins for MP2 is not as large as for MP1.
      N.B.: MP2 is under continuous development and improved versions can be found as development snapshots here .

    MediaPortal 1 - Forums:

    • General Discussions - here you can talk about anything which is related to MediaPortal.
    • Support / Bugreport - if you have a problem with using MediaPortal, then please post it in the appropriate forum.
    • Skins - created and maintained by our community
    • Plugins - created and maintained by our community
    • TV-Server Plugins - created and maintained by our community
    • Area 51 - find patches and new features (for testing only)

    MediaPortal 2 - Forums:

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