What is media portal and how does it differ from XBMC

Discussion in 'Newcomers Forum' started by Andrae, September 22, 2015.

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    Sorry for such simple questions. I am trying to understand.
    1. Is this an entire operating system or just software that runs on a pc?
    2. Does it cost money and how much (where can I buy/download)?
    3. pro's and cons versus windows media center and xbmc?
    4. will it show Comcast on-demand content? if not, what content from Comcast will I have access to? premium channels?
    5. recommended hardware for smooth performance?
    6. Can I access my local content as well as internet based services
    7. Will this work with a standard tv remote control designed for windows media center? If so, any suggestions on a remote to buy?
    8. is there a Windows OS app? how about WindowsPhone?

    I am starting from scratch and I am fairly techy. I want a solution for my new recently purchased home that will involve at least 4 TV's around the house.

    At the last home we had a Sony vaio tap 21 with windows media center and a HD homerun prime tuner on the network and we could access absolutely every kind of content one could imagine. Even the stuff on the NAS was easy to access and local content was no problem with windows' explorer. The prob is windows media center is going away and we want windows 10. I also need to find a solution that isn't too techy or complicated and doesn't look over whelming for my wife. the ability to be used with a traditional remote form factor is very important. Any guidance, direction, help is all greatly appreciated.

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  3. Edalex
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    January 3, 2008
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    Hello, Mediaportal is Windows only software not OS. It's free. XBMC, WMC, Plex and MediaPortal are all Home-theatre software which have pros and cons. MediaPortal historically was concetrated on Live TV viewing but laso has advanced music/videos viewing capabilities both from local files and online services.
    Due to its free and open-source nature MediaPortal can't view those channels which have copy-once restriction. If your premium channels has such flag then only software capable of playing them is WMC. Generally, WMC remotes are working with MediaPortal without problems as I know.
  4. JimCatMP
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    April 1, 2010
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    Pure software, two versions, MP1 and MP2 - would recommend MP1 as its mature product, MP2 is still work in progress [but worth a look - MP1 & MP2 coexist on single machine without issue and MP2 is progressing very well.]
    All free and if anyone tried to 'charge' for it - it's a scam pure and simple.
    As I've not used either in anger, it's very superficial but:
    WMC - CON, End of Life product as MS now dropped it, Single channel per TV tuner [MePo, XBMC and most other TVengines allow you to view/record all channels on a single muliplex channel - so single tuner may allows access to 7/8 channels BUT that is 100% dependant on your TV service - pot luck there on how/if this of value to you].
    WMC - PRO - As supported by MS, software is stable, TVguides [depending on your location/service provider are supoprted by MS directly].

    XBMC - CON - from what I read, TV is not as good, I personally find it hard to setup that way I want [but I've spent long time tinkering with MePo, so I'm biased.
    XBMX - PRO - it's fast, not limited to Windows [can run OpenLEC build on a Pi and get working service], like MePo has a solid support forum.

    As per info from Edlax in post above - no to premium [WMC has access as WMC is not 'free' so MS has the income to provide access to premium services. On demand, no idea, sorry - I'm UK based pure FreeView user.

    Very modest, assuming your not doing anything else with machine that eats performance. My main client is low end Pentium G680 scratch build, my TV server is headless old dual core atom [separate machines as it fits room layout, the main client would perform as TVServer and client without problem. If your into HD and HD TV content, a little more hours power would be good, but design goal of MePo is living room services, so need quiet/silent machines, hence high end multi-fan gaming rigs are out of the equation.
    Absolutely YES - it's built for local, add OnLine videos plug for access to multiple services.
    There are many, recommendation more to do with that you want - I use Harmony 650 [I think], as it has LCD screen and is programmable, the IR receiver is from a Maplin MCE standard remote/receiver bundle - as long as it's real WMC compatible [RC6 if I recall], it's good.

    I don't know - my need never taken me down that route - sorry.

    TV server with N tuners, which may are may not also be client [as said, mines pure headless TVserver], clients as and where you need. your local content is issue - how to make that available to all clients and do you want to manage 4 clients or have one central 'DB' [which is where MP2 would really be your friend].
    See https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/...to-several-clients.131994/page-2#post-1153349 for some background reading to assist in consideration of the issues, and more specific questions - just ask, on this forum there are no stupid questions(y)

    The above MAKES it look techy and complicated, but it's not - you've asked a lot of very sensible questions. It IS more techy than WMC, no less techy than XBMC I think, and very very usable.

    Hope that's helped in the thought processes.

    TTFN - JCMP.
  5. kiwijunglist
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    I'd actually suggest MP2 over MP1 for a new user because it's much easier to setup and decide require you to install and configure as many plugins.

    From your fairly basic questions I think you may struggle a bit with MP1 installation and setup, however I'm sure if you were happy to put the time in you could still use MP1 but you'd have to invest a weekend reading instructions and setting it up.

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