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April 23, 2013
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hello, guys and girls:

Because i always use my laptop in my room (which is most of the time anyways) with the ac adapter plugged in, so i consider to take out of my battery and store it. It is a brand new Lith-Ion battery battery from www.team-mediaportal.com , and they have advised me to store the battery in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag or saran wrap. However, as i know, low temperature will drain the battery completly fast and it's harmful to storage(since the ideal charge state for laptop battery to store is 40%-60%). I am wondering what will happen when a battery was placed in a refrigerator?

Thanks everyone for the answers advanced!
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    Hi Greta2013 lee -

    hmm i am not sure if the Hardware -> Storage subforum is the right choice for your request.
    So i'll have an eye on it.

    I just deleted/changed the URL in your first post here in the forum -
    to our adress here - couse the delivery HP/ the vendor is not
    really important for your request/question about correct using of a battery-pack.

    so - anyway - wellcome to the forum.
    and i hope you'll find all information you need.

    best regards

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