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January 30, 2006
Hi all - I'm a bit new to this Media Portal but so far i'm very impressed - Hats off to everyone involved.

I've got a dedicated Shuttle PC Running it and displaying on a projector on the wall in my lounge. In another room is a Server with loadsa harddisks with films and music on them.
All is networked together with Cat5 and a 10Mbit Internet.
So far all is running very sweet. :) :) :)

I've just bought a Tablet PC with a Wifi connection to the network, all communicates with each other.

What I want to do is to have the Tablet PC have all the Media Portal contols and menus on it but have the Shuttle play the files and display them on the screen.

Is this possible? What do I need?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, a Separate question - I have loadsa films in Divx on my harddisk, the database updates from the net but asks you for each file. Can you set it to just take the first one in the list and assume that it's correct without stopping to ask you each time?

I hope I haven't gone on for too long

Many Thanks in advance Guys (oops and Gals)


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