Windows 7 - System Interrupts Causing Overload Spike in CPU (1 Viewer)


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January 5, 2009
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Just the other day I was in Task Manager and noticed that my CPU usage was around 50%. I had no programs running and thought this was bizarre. After looking around it seems that it is something called System Interupts (deferred Procedure Call and Interupt Service Routines) that is causing this. Has anyone come across this b4? Not sure what needs to be done to fix it.

Intel CPUbDual Core E5200GHz @2.50GHz
2.00 GB Ram
32-bit Operating System
Windows 7 fresh install


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    Unfortunately there isn't any way to find out what driver causes huge DPC spikes.

    1) Disable all the devices that you can (video card for example might be something you "cannot" disable since you wouldn't see the results) - especially WLAN is a good starting point
    2) Try to update drivers


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    January 5, 2009
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    OK after some fiddling around It seems to happen right after I come out of SLEEP Mode. Otherwise CPU is normal. IF I go into sleep mode and come out of it the CPU usage goes up to 50% and stays there unless I reboot. I had set the computer to go into SLEEP mode after 5 hours of inactivity.

    Do You think I should take it off SLEEP and set it to something else after certain amount of inactivity?


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